Kwani iko nini?

“We cut keys while you wait” is Blinky Bill’s first solo project after taking a hiatus from Just a band. This five track EP was released as a kind of teaser leading up to his upcoming solo album.I liked the introduction, had my head bobbing from the onset.Its mostly electronic and I’m sure I heard a trumpet sound sneak in somewhere closer to the end. “Don’t doubt” featuring Maia Von Lekow comes in next, keeping up with the upbeat dancelike feel from the intro.Wacha Maneno brings us the winning combination of Blinky and Shappaman.There is something about these two…lots of good vibes. It will definitely get you in the mood to get up and dance. I have to admit my favourite track is the soulful “Rise” featuring Sage. The lyrics are quite reflective and conscious. It’s also wistful and uplifting at the same time.I also enjoyed the extra instrumentals with the violin, keyboard and percussion.The EP comes to an  end with Kwani iko nini? Staying true to the upbeat, lively nature of the EP. If you haven’t already listened to it, just follow the link and enjoy!





3 thoughts on “Kwani iko nini?

  1. You know, I had started listening to this album but didn’t finish, for reasons I can’t remember. After reading this, now I must go back and listen to the whole thing 🙂


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