Song Review: Chemistry by Tetu Shani ft. Mayonde

“Chemistry” by Tetu Shani, featuring Mayonde has been on replay in my playlist for the entire week. A friend recommended it and I have been hooked on it ever since. In this song, Tetu uses the acoustic guitar and a relaxing melody to create the perfect ambience. The introduction is a mellow guitar solo that lasts for about half a minute .Tetu Shani’s vocals begin the first verse, setting the stage for the dreamy feeling that stays throughout the song. Mayonde’s sultry voice then takes over from his. They keep switching the vocals between the two of them up until the chorus. The chorus is sung as a duet with harmony that contributes beautifully to this song.

“Chemistry” is of course, a song about love. It makes us want to fall in love again, get butterflies and float through clouds .Tetu and Mayonde sound great together, their artistic chemistry is amazing and the harmony between them makes you want to never stop listening.


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