The Dreamer

lira-phakadeWhen young Lira asks her “gugu” how she met her grandfather, she replies,” I sang him to me.” This is how the video of Lira’s “Phakade” begins, reeling us into her melodious magical world backed by a soundtrack of birds singing and crickets chirping. The song has a keyboard introduction that sets the stage for her powerful vocals intermingled with some amazing harmonies throughout. Lira’s voice is so soulful and captivating that I can only imagine what it would be like listening to her perform live. This video is of a love story. A story of how young Lira dreams of eternal (Phakade) love, inspired by her own grandparents love. If I was to fall in love again I think I would like him to be very much like Lira’s beau in this video. All dapper and handsome, playful with an easy smile. And most importantly a weaver of magic. Enjoy!


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