Lonely streets of Boston : An EP review


Jason Sibi Okumu’s music has this amazing way of leading you to introspection.  It’s like looking at a mirror or reading your journal.  His music is authentic;  so raw and real that I almost shied away from doing this review. The ‘Lonely streets of Boston’ is an EP by Jason.

The first song after which the EP is named tagged at my heartstrings. I felt like he was telling my own story.  I couldn’t help but think of the times I’ve felt so lost, lonely and alone in this city that I’ve been born and raised.  Where not even the familiarity of everything could take that feeling away.  When I’ve known deep down that I really have got no idea what I’m doing yet I’ve been too afraid and proud to ask for help.  And all I wished for was someone who could understand what I’m going through or  just be there beside me.  I can only imagine having this same feeling in a foreign place .

Now you know is the second song in the EP. We can all relate to having been asked that dreaded question since childhood, “What do you want to be when you grow up? “. At times I feel like deep down my answer may be like John Lennon’s, who as a child had aptly replied that he wanted to be was happy. Find out Jason’s take on this here.

Close your eyes and for a minute visualize what your life would look like if all your dreams came true. Would you finally be happy,  would you lose your mind,  would you feel empty, are you really ready to have what you wish for happen ? That’s Jason is musing about in this third song, On your side.

Said and done is the fourth song in this EP. I don’t know where to start. It’s beautiful , it’s raw , it’s  soulful , completely captivating.  I was taken in , I experienced so many emotions listening to it . I felt the pain of an almost impossible love and the beauty of an epic love . I saw just how brave it is to love . And how even more courageous it is to fight for this same love especially when the odds seem against it . This song is etched in my soul, and really words do fail to capture its beauty. Just listen to it already !

Winter is the last song on the EP. I will not say much about it. But I really like the visual he creates of winter coming . It’s so vivid , I felt like I was in Boston experiencing fall.

Jason Sibi-Okumu is a great songwriter . He has a way with his acoustic guitar and his words . His vulnerability in this EP is beyond inspiring . Definitely looking forward to more of his music .

01 Lonely Streets Of Boston – SoundCloud












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