3 Videos you should definitely watch

Aparo by Kato Change ft Lisa Oduor Noah

This video has good vibes written all over it.  I always end up smiling to myself every time I watch it. It was made on a magical Nairobi night, full of happy people, fairy lights and fireworks. That and the amazing vocals of Lisa coupled with the guitar maestro Kato Change make it a video well worth checking out.

Linkomo by The Soil 

Africans are tellers of great stories and I love how this story is told in this video.  Lots of creativity and humour in this one.  And the music itself is pretty upbeat and would definitely  make you want to dance a little bit,  or much.  It was a recommendation from a friend, hope you enjoy it as well.

No Away by MI featuring Becca

From all the Nigerian vs Ghanaian jollof wars on social media I gather there is beef between the two countries. I have no idea what the beef is about but I certainly like the collabo between the two countries in this song.  Check out No Away by MI and Becca.


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