Mystic parables


I don’t know why but when I heard Don Ngatia singing a little over a year ago his voice reminded me of chocolate caramel. The perfect blend of ingredients that just melts in your mouth and takes you to a very good place.  A place that you never want to leave.  That’s what Don’s singing does to you.  Don is a Berklee Alumni and refers to his sound as afro urban music.  He released a 3 song EP,  Venus and Mars a few years back.  He has also put three songs up on sound cloud that I’d like to review.
Solitude is an ode to unrequited love. Something that deeply resonated with me when I first heard it as I’d developed a huge crush on someone and I didn’t quite know when or how I’d see him again or if he felt the same way.  Don talks about how it’s all a mystic parable, why do we keep being drawn back to this person, why do we feel that if only they gave us a chance everything would be right with the world again? Lord knows,  but Don says everything you have ever wanted to say to this love,  in a soulful caramel voice of course.

Listen to Solitude by Don Ngatia #np on #SoundCloud

Tide me over is a prayer, asking the Lord to give us wisdom and vision especially when we are lost and confused.  When we aren’t sure of what we are doing or our pride has led us astray and we badly need that reassurance that we can call on someone or something more powerful than we are.  It has a lovely guitar intro and some clapping towards the end that is reminiscent of a black evangelical church.

Listen to Tide Me Over by Don Ngatia #np on #SoundCloud

Mirabelle is a favourite with many of Don Ngatia’s fans and it’s easy to see why.  Mirabelle is a song about life, love and everything in between.  It’s set against the backdrop of Don Ngatia’s great caramel vocals, a good instrumental mix,  lovely harmonies and is quite upbeat as well. I hope his music takes you to a good place!

Listen to Mirabelle by Don Ngatia #np on #SoundCloud


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