The Bob Marley challenge


I’ve got so much to say about Bob Marley, can’t even begin to put my thoughts together so as I gather them let’s give this great legend honour by listening to something of his today. I’m also curious what’s your favorite Marley song and why? Be sure to leave it in the comments section.


2 thoughts on “The Bob Marley challenge

  1. I heard a new one today on Homeboyz Radio (by new I mean one I’ve never heard before) which I loved but I can’t remember its name, hahaha.
    The one that’s playing in my head right now is Positive Vibration. How does one even choose their favorite Bob Marley song!? It’s impossible!


    1. It’s so true as soon as I put the post up I was like for sure this is a real challenge! Which one do you choose!!!


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